The advent of widely available AI tools is set to change how you manage your community, increasing your productivity and impact. 

Listen in as Hivebrite's Head of Community Morgan Wood and Community Strategist Todd Nilson of Clocktower Advisors discuss how AI can be used to help you in your community management endeavors.

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Using AI Tools in Community Building

Morgan and Todd share their recommendations and experiences, provide practical strategies and insightful perspectives, and answer questions on how to incorporate AI into your community management endeavors effectively.

This webinar is your key to understanding and embracing the future of community management. Seize this chance to evolve with the industry and maintain your competitive edge.

  • What AI is (and isn’t) and how it can be used in community building. 
  • How AI can be used to elevate productivity and streamline operations; enhance member experience and engagement; and help you make data-driven decisions. 
  • Specific tools you can start experimenting with today 
  • How to supercharge content creation with AI 
  • Addressing key concerns about AI

AI Resources for Community Building 

During the webinar, Todd and Morgan discuss a number of available AI tools that they have experimented with and recommend for use by community managers. These include:

More Community Building Resources

Hivebrite has a wealth of resources to help you in your community building efforts, including:

Hivebrite is an all-in-one community management and engagement platform.

It empowers organizations to launch, manage, and grow fully branded private communities. Hivebrite is completely customizable and provides all the tools needed to strengthen community engagement.

Over 900 organizations worldwide, including CERN, The Channel Company, Shell Alumni, NYSE, and WWF, use Hivebrite to build and engage vibrant communities. Schedule a demo today!

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How to Create a Content Strategy for Your Community

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