For this episode of Brite Ideas, we welcomed Dr. Kevin Fleming, Co-founder and CEO of Prosper Non-Profit Advisors.

Kevin is an educator, researcher, and thought leader with over 20 years of expertise in alumni engagement and non-profit management. He’s worked at various universities in the USA. 

Brite Ideas Podcast: Defining Alumni Engagement

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Kevin published insightful research about alumni engagement titled “The Pots of Water Framework for Alumni Engagement.” He has extensive experience in alumni engagement and was eager to share his valuable learnings with us.

Listen in as Kevin and host, Sandra Rincon, discuss:

  • Defining alumni engagement
  • Key components of alumni engagement
  • The difference between output and outcome metrics
  • And more

Three Brite Ideas Alumni Engagement

In every episode, we ask our guest to share three brite ideas to sum up the conversation. 

Here are Kevin’s three brite ideas on alumni engagement:

1. Survey your alumni as much as you can. The last couple of years have changed a lot of things in the alumni space. You should ask your alumni what they want.

2. Develop ways to justify continued investment in alumni relations. Shift alumni relations from a cost mindset to an investment mindset to increase interest among alums.

3. Create an explicit strategy that allows you to focus. Your strategy should determine what initiatives you should pursue and what you should not.

Listen to the podcast in full to discover more about these three brite ideas and Kevin’s compelling insights on the key themes that define alumni engagement. 

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