From job creation and driving innovation to promoting positive social change, entrepreneurs are essential to the success of the global economy.

For this episode of Brite Ideas, Host Sandra Rincon met with entrepreneur and business owner María Lucía Bermúdez to discuss how institutions can better support (and benefit from) entrepreneurs.

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María Lucía is a tremendous ambassador for international entrepreneurship. In addition to running her consultancy agency, 7days2go, she co-founded the initiatives Here2Start and Here2Work to promote and support international entrepreneurs and talent in the Netherlands. And to top all of that off, she is currently developing an e-learning series on global entrepreneurship!

Listen in as Sandra and María Lucía discuss:

      • Why graduates should consider entrepreneurship
      • The entrepreneurial mindset
      • The challenges that alumni face while pursuing entrepreneurship
      • How institutions can better support entrepreneurs
      • The benefits universities can derive from fostering entrepreneurs in their student-alumni communities

Three Brite Ideas on Fostering Entrepreneurship

In every episode, we ask our guest to share three brite ideas to sum up the conversation.

Here are María Lucía’s brite ideas on how institutions can better foster entrepreneurship:

  1. Be an active player in the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystems. Connect with key players from accelerators, co-working spaces, etc.
  2. Be there for the long run. The best way to create lasting, strong connections with your alumni is to adopt a community approach–you need to understand your alumni and take into account key moments in their lives on a personal and professional level.
  3. Stay relevant. Provide alumni with the right tools and network to take their next career steps on a local or international level.

Listen to the podcast to discover more about these brite ideas and other topics discussed!

You can also check out Here2Start and 7days2go Youtube channels for more resources to support entrepreneurs.

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