We are delighted to announce that the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association (USNA) has chosen to partner with Hivebrite to optimize the management of its entire network and to create the best community experience for everyone.


Creating a Sense of Belonging

For more than a century, the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association has worked to advance the interests, priorities, and mission of the U.S. Naval Academy. It endeavors to preserve and celebrate the customs, traditions, and sea stories that bind and enrich alumni and to help to strengthen life-long bonds. 

It counts more than 60,000 active members worldwide spread across 102 chapters, 76 active class organizations, 80 parent clubs and three shared interest groups.

Transparency Through Technology

Each chapter and affinity group was previously managed by volunteer group leaders using separate software to manage and engage members.

As a result of relying on disparate tools, data was fragmented and no one in the Association had a complete understanding of the member experience or the effectiveness of each chapter and affinity group’s engagement strategy on USNA’s overarching strategy. 

USNA recognized that it needed new technology to break down communication silos, facilitate collaboration between different constituents, and create a better community experience for all.

Working Together Towards Strategic Goals

The Association decided to unite all chapters and affinity groups on Hivebrite’s community engagement platform.

Using Hivebrite’s Group feature, each chapter and affinity group can now operate independently while giving the overall Association visibility into their efforts and impact on the organization’s overall mission. 

Hivebrite is teaming up with Zuri Group to enable seamless integration with the Alumni Association’s Blackbaud CRM system. Zuri Group is a full-service firm dedicated to non-profit and education organizations. Hivebrite and Zuri Group previously collaborated on a similar integration for the West Point Association of Graduates.

With all vital data in one place, the Association can understand membership and event participation data at a regional level and make data-driven decisions to manage members better and refine engagement strategies.

Enriching Alumni Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion

Events and content can now be shared across groups by both chapter and group leaders and the Association, boosting visibility and enhancing participation.

Managing a group now requires minimal effort, something which the Association hopes will encourage more members to volunteer as group leaders committed to enriching alumni culture, diversity, and inclusion.

“We must equip our group leaders with the best tools so they can drive engagement and cultivate the best alumni experience possible. Hivebrite’s sleek and intuitive platform makes community management easy and fun. 

By removing the complications and time-consuming tasks related to group management, we hope to inspire younger members to take up the role so they can help diversify our alumni base, as well as the content and activities offered.”

Garrett Keating

Director, Information Technology, U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association 


“We are thrilled to welcome the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association.

The Hivebrite platform dramatically improves group management, gives greater visibility on the activities and impact of each chapter and affinity group, and empowers the Association to support them better.”

Gonzalo Cayo, 

Chief Customer Officer

Hivebrite is an all-in-one community management platform. It empowers organizations of all sizes and sectors to launch, manage, and grow fully branded private communities. Schedule a demo today! 

Written by Hivebrite
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