Last week we shared five community newsletters that we love, and this week we’re happy to share three more. There are so many community management experts who publish informative newsletters, serving up curated compilations of insights, tips, and resources for community builders and managers. This week, we are featuring three must-read newsletters with community news roundups and insights from industry veterans that are sure to broaden your minds and your community-building efforts.

1. CLI Newsletter

The Community Leaders Institute brings together community leaders across industries. Its community, MyCLI, has a wealth of resources to help you launch and grow communities, including insights from its impressive community membership. For insights in your inbox, Adrian Speyer, Vice President Marketing & Community for CLI, sends a weekly community note plus a Rasa-powered round-up of community news with must-read content from CLI and other leaders in the community space. You can sign up here. 

2. Community Manager Breakfast

Evan Hamilton is a customer experience and community professional with over a decade experience across B2B, consumer, edtech, and ecommerce at companies like HubSpot, Reddit, and more. Each week, he shares three articles on community via his newsletter, Community Manager Breakfast. Subscribe here.

3. Everything in Moderation Newsletters

Everything in Moderation is a weekly newsletter by Ben Whitelaw, a media consultant, and former community manager. The newsletter includes stories about content moderation and the policies, products, platforms, and people shaping its future. A recent issue included the future of decentralized moderation and Medium's new rules. Check it out here.

Is there a community newsletter that's not on our radar? Let us know! 

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How to Create a Content Strategy for Your Community

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