Empowering advancement professionals to meaningfully engage their education alumni networks has always been a significant focus at Hivebrite. 

We continue to increase our presence in the higher education market while strengthening our alumni engagement platform with cutting-edge features. Earlier this year, we further enhanced our Event module to tackle webinar fatigue and better support virtual and hybrid event strategies for reunions, donor stewardship, and more.

Powering Alumni Communities Worldwide

Our alumni engagement platform helps clients such as Stanford University, Princeton University Advancement, Columbia Business School, Harvard Business School, Imperial College London, University of Zurich, University of Amsterdam, John Hopkins University, Henley Business School, and Fulbright Global to optimize volunteer management, event planning, mentoring programs, and more.

In 2020, the University of Notre Dame used the Hivebrite platform to raise an impressive $8.7M for Its Student Relief Fund.

In the same year, Cornell Hotel Society organized 77 alumni events and reduced time spent on administrative tasks by 60% with the Hivebrite platform.

Insights to Drive Innovation

CASE is a nonprofit association of educational institutions. It serves professionals in the field of educational advancement. We initially partnered with CASE at a regional level. To support our international expansion within the higher education market, we expanded our membership to a global level.

The new partnership helps us deepen our understanding of the challenges and needs of advancement professionals worldwide. Armed with this knowledge, we can make more informed decisions regarding the development of our alumni engagement platform to ensure that it continues to provide value to advancement professionals.

We now engage with global higher education thought leaders from the CASE network and have access to resources to build and share professional know-how. The partnership helps drive inspiration and insights for our content, including our podcast, Brite Ideas, a series for advancement professionals wanting to make and demonstrate a more significant impact.

"Staying on top of industry news and trends is essential for building credibility, identifying growth opportunities, and retaining a competitive edge. Our expanded partnership with CASE enables us to enrich our knowledge of the challenges and needs of advancement professionals, which we use to drive our product roadmap

Usha Iyer, President, North America and Chief Product Officer, Hivebrite


“CASE is thrilled that Hivebrite has become a CASE Global Educational Partner, enabling us to work together strategically to support the work of advancement professionals around the world

By being a CASE Global Educational Partner, Hivebrite has access to CASE’s wide network, and CASE has a thought partner in our global work. We greatly look forward to continuing our relationship through this wider perspective to advance education and transform lives and society.”

Sue Cunningham, President and CEO, CASE

Hivebrite is a comprehensive and flexible community engagement platform. It empowers organizations of all sizes and sectors to launch, manage, and grow fully branded private communities. Schedule a demo today!

Written by Hivebrite
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