A community manager's biggest challenge is consistently providing members value to cultivate engagement. Events are a central component of an effective engagement strategy—allowing for more intimate and engaging experiences with members.

Webinars and online events have dominated the event industry over the past year, as organizations worldwide adopted COVID-safe event practices. Consequently, there is now an oversaturation of virtual events, leaving people disinterested and exhausted. Community managers must now work harder to create unique and engaging event experiences.

With this in mind, Hivebrite has strengthened its event module to better support its customers' virtual and hybrid event strategies.


Offer Personalized Event Experiences

Hivebrite's sophisticated event add-on system allows communities to offer event attendees additional items beyond standard tickets. Event organizers can now set up complex multi-day and multi-track events with merchandise bundling from one single platform—all while guaranteeing a seamless and more personalized experience for attendees.

This combined with advanced options to control ticket availability based on eligibility, date, and capacity limits provide organizers with increased control and flexibility for managing and promoting events.

Beyond monetizing new event formats, communities can also raise funds for causes by prompting members to make donations during event registration.

Increase Event Reach and Engagement

Hivebrite's group management feature enables communities to create "sub-communities" within the platform. Group leaders and volunteers can organize events, post news, share resources, and more that are specific to their group. Communities can increase their reach and engagement by leveraging group events and providing volunteers or group leaders with access to use one system to manage community engagement and full-service events. Hivebrite has also revamped the design and aesthetics of the event module to make it more intuitive and visually engaging.

Prepare for the Return of Offline Events

Communities can now host virtual events directly on their community platform with Hivebrite's Zoom integration.

The integration ensures a fluid user experience and naturally drives traffic to the community. When offline events return, this option will enable seamless simultaneous live streaming. QR codes can now be added to tickets to facilitate onsite event management. Communities can effortlessly check-in and record all attendees across all events by scanning tickets.


“We are very proud to bring this new enhanced Event Module to our users. All of the features have been highly requested, and we are excited to see the ways our customers are already innovating their event strategies.

We appreciate that virtual events are new to some customers, which is why all features have been designed with ease of use in mind. Our team is working closely with our customers to maximize their success with virtual, and later hybrid, events. 

We strive to ensure that our customers can consistently offer their communities an optimal event experience regardless of whether the event is a simple meetup, a more complex reunion, or a multi-day conference.”

Usha Iyer, President of North America and Chief Product Officer at Hivebrite


Hivebrite is an all-in-one community management platform. It empowers organizations of all sizes and sectors to launch, manage, and grow fully branded private communities. Schedule a demo today!

Written by Hivebrite
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