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To kick off the new year, we reached out to some of our customers to find out more about their 2022 community highlights and 2023 projects!

Captain Planet Foundation

Created by Captain Planet Foundation, the Planeteer Alliance is a global community of passionate young people transforming their impatience for change into action for the climate and planet.Captain Planet Community

2022 Community Highlight

"After launching in the beginning of 2022, the Planeteer Alliance has been so grateful to every Planeteer that has made the community grow. We are now bringing climate action to communities in over 20 countries!”

2023 Community Project

“As 2023 comes along, we are excited for the launch of our official Planeteer clubs. This will bring climate action to Planeteer communities around the world to deepen the connections. 

As Community Manager, I predict that our clubs will increase the amount of young people who we can engage in climate work and empower them to be impactful changemakers."

Robin Okunowo, Community Manager, Planeteer Alliance


Finding North Network

The Finding North Network, is for the exclusive use of those who understand mental conditions firsthand. The Network is a forum for people to share their experiences, discuss ideas, and develop their voice in speaking to the issues surrounding mental health in Australia.

Finding North Network

2022 Community Highlight

“Our original goal was to hit 100 active network members but we hit 200 at the end of November!”

2023 Community Project

“Our challenge in 2023 is to actively engage our members and keep the community interested!”

Zoey Ka, Lived Experience Project Lead, Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia


iac Berlin

iac Berlin was created by the foundation, Robert Bosch Stiftung, as a Do and Think Tank to support the development of impact-oriented networks and coordinate the Bosch Alumni Network.iac Berlin Community

2022 Community Highlight

“The Bosch Alumni Network is a network of more than 8,000 members from all over the world. It started with a classic “hub and spoke” setup and continues to develop into a decentralized network of communities driven by members who assume responsibility for topics, regional groups, or initiatives. This development significantly gained speed and ownership in 2022, providing a strong proof of concept for our understanding of successful impact networks.”

2023 Community Project

"The international restrictions due to the COVID pandemic disrupted a central binding element of healthy networks: the physical meeting of members and the resulting strong times among them. At the same time, the pandemic offered an opportunity to experiment with digital formats, which opened doors and led to more accessibility and opportunities to develop similarly important weak ties. 

The challenge now will be to properly understand and work with this shift—especially as meetings are becoming possible again."

Tobias Gerber, Head of Communications and Community Management, iac Berlin


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International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) is a world-renowned international research institute that plays a primary role in resolving complex global change matters. 

IIASA partnered with Hivebrite to create IIASA Connect, an international and interdisciplinary community to connect IIASA research partners, IIASA organization members, and IIASA alumni.IIASA Community

2022 Community Highlight

A highlight for 2022 has been bringing together our regional communities on the platform while supporting events around our 50th Anniversary and hosting the virtual space for hybrid conferences. IIASA Connect also allowed us to host Scenarios Forum 2022 as our first paperless, hybrid event with more than 500 participants.

2023 Community Project

For 2023, we look forward to increasing engagement on the platform and creating more networking opportunities and safe spaces for mutually beneficial exchanges.

Monika Bauer, IIASA Network and Alumni Officer, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis


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More To Life Foundation

The More To Life Foundation is a global educational non-profit dedicated to fostering personal and social transformation by offering experiential courses to help awaken people’s unique power, purpose, and potential.

Its community, More to Life, offers a space for all its program students to connect, attend events,exchange experiences, and donate to the foundation.More To Life Community

2022 Community Highlight

“In 2022, More To Life's biggest highlight was the launch of our Community Hub on the Hivebrite platform. 

Since launching, over 350 students have activated their accounts and we raised close to 25,000 USD for Giving Tuesday in the donations module!”

2023 Community Project

“In 2023, we look forward to enrolling 1000 students into our Community Hub. 

We are a community dedicated to connection, so we will also be supporting online engagement through a new initiative called "Our Stories"—we hope to bring personality, depth and a sense of shared humanity by sharing who we are with one another. 

Later in 2023, we plan to pilot a brand new program design for our core offering, so we are excited to make full use of everything Hivebrite has to offer to uphold, thread, and enhance our student journey every step of the way.”

Anna Riley, Community Hub Development Manager, More To Life Foundation


Planet Ark

Planet Ark is one of Australia's most respected and trusted environmental organizations. It is focused on solutions and making positive environmental actions accessible to everyone.

The non-profit organization created the Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE Hub) to facilitate and accelerate the transition to a circular economy in Australia.Planet Ark Community

2022 Community Highlight

"This year, the Australian Circular Economy Hub (ACE Hub) Portal has grown Australia's online circular economy community to 1300 active members from all levels of business, government, community, industry, education, research, and consulting. 

Our members formed meaningful connections and shared learnings to accelerate the transition to a more circular economy. We gathered testimonials and feedback from members to help guide us toward enabling even more meaningful collaboration in 2023."

2023 Community Project

"In 2023, we look forward to building on this momentum and seeing more community collaborations. Collaboration is essential to a circular economy transition. No single organization, area, region or country can transition alone; all actors and stakeholders need to be involved."

Chelsea McLean, Community Manager, Planet Ark


Pollination Foundation

Pollination is a specialist climate change investment and advisory firm, accelerating the transition to a net zero, nature-positive future.

Its community, Ampliseed, is a global network connecting conservation practitioners with a rights-based, human-centered approach to building environmental resilience.Pollination Foundation Community

2022 Community Highlight

“One of the highlights of our Ampliseed network in 2022 was pivoting our focus from a primarily internal-facing learning network to embrace external advocacy work and invite in broader membership. 

Through our expanded public presence, we've been able to share our knowledge and lessons learned more widely, we've amplified opinion articles from leaders within our community through social media, and we've been excited by new opportunities to expand and connect with others."

2023 Community Project

“For 2023, we are looking forward to implementing our "StoryLab" project, a way of co-creating and sharing stories that speak to how we transition to a nature-positive, climate-resilient future.”

Kirsty Galloway McLean, Executive Director, Pollination Foundation


Start for Future

Start for Future is the fastest-growing open alliance of academia, startups, industry and public organizations, which serves as an open hub of connected regional valleys in Europe, driving systemic innovationStart for Future

2022 Community Highlight

“The highlight of 2022 was the official launch of the Start for Future Platform and the 

integration of over 1000 users into our community, representing various stakeholders groups

from Startups and Investors to Corporates and Universities from over 25 countries.   

In addition, we hosted our first Start for Future event, where the platform was our digital 


2023 Community Project

“In the following year, we will focus on growing our user base and improving user engagement.  Furthermore, we want to implement new tools in the platform to enhance the functionality for  certain programs and stakeholder groups.”

Maximilian Appel, Community Engagement Manager, Start for Future


Tropical Health & Education Trust

Tropical Health & Education Trust (THET) THET has a vision of a world where everyone can access healthcare. It achieves this by training and educating health workers in Africa and Asia, working in partnership with organizations and volunteers from across the UK.

Its community, Pulse, offers a platform for health professionals worldwide to access support and share experiences in the moment.THET Community

2022 Community Highlight

"One of our 2022 highlights is the development of the TALENT group project.

The TALENT (Technically Assisted Learning for Nursing and Midwifery Teams) group unites early career nurses and midwives worldwide who are interested in leadership development in virtual communities coordinated by senior nurse or midwife leaders. 

Through facilitated online discussions with each other and their coordinators, by sharing ideas and knowledge, and by raising issues and helping each other to solve problems together, we hope that the group members will build and develop their leadership skills as well as their connections and networks within groups on the Pulse platform.”

2023 Community Project

“An aim for 2023 would be to launch our peer-to-peer networking tool on the platform, which aims to help global health workers engage with others across the globe, to share their experience and knowledge, and to support each other in the challenging environments we work in to advance Universal Health Coverage.”

Ciaran Barbour, Digital Engagement Officer, THET


University of Melbourne

The Paediatric Academy was created to connect four institutions: Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI), Royal Children's Hospital, Royal Children's Hospital Foundation, and Melbourne University Department of Paediatrics. 

It offers an inclusive and welcoming space for clinical practitioners to connect, exchange, and cross-collaborate.University of Melbourne Community

2022 Community Highlight

“A highlight for 2022 would be our community's launch. Before the launch, we were able to customize the platform to reflect our branding and trial the platform with various groups, generating discussion and allowing for growth and development. We produced a great welcoming video outlining the purpose of The Paediatric Academy and detailed tips and tricks on getting the most out of the community. 

To continuously upskill our members and educate them on events happening across the Melbourne Children's Campus, we release regular campaigns, one of which is a monthly newsletter.”

2023 Community Project

“We hope that in 2023 we can continue building our membership numbers and achieve cross-campus, cross-disciplinary engagement. We have a few pilot projects starting, which we are excited about as well as facilitating specific Paediatric Academy events across the campus.”

Phoebe Malone, Paediatric Academy Community Manager, Department of Paediatrics, Melbourne University


Victorian Multicultural Commission

The Victorian Multicultural Commission created its community, VMConnect, to connect Victoria's multicultural communities, service providers and the government.

Members can share programs, promote events, find grants or services, and exchange with othersVictorian Multicultural Commission Community

2022 Community Highlight

"We relaunched VMConnect (a platform initially set up in 2020) in August 2022 and were proud to see our membership grow by over 35% to 1042 members in just over three months."

2023 Community Project

"Every March, the VMC facilitates Cultural Diversity Week (CDW), a celebration of Victoria’s diverse and powerful multicultural communities. We will encourage people to register their CDW event on the VMConnect calendar. This will likely increase the user visits to the site and overall engagement with existing members. 

We continue to promote VMConnect across our channels and are hoping for it to have a presence in emerging and new multicultural communities in Victoria and to grow the membership of our groups."

Jess Mathew, Senior Communications Adviser, Victorian Multicultural Commission


Women Leading and Influencing

The WLI Leaders Hub is an online community for alumni of the Women Leading and Influencing program, which offers programs in developmental leadership to men and women from the Pacific region who are studying in Australia as part of the “Australia Awards” scholarship programWomen Leading and Influencing Community

2022 Community Highlight

“We launched our community this year, so our highlight was getting our alumni to activate their Hub accounts. 

We issued invitations to over 300 people who participated in our programs, and about 230 eventually activated their accounts.”

2023 Community Project

“We have two significant changes planned for 2023. Firstly, we have recruited volunteer Alumni Representatives in three countries. These people will remain in this role for 12 months and will be responsible for organizing networking events and coordinating additional support to Alumni in their countries. They’ll also be responsible for administering a country group on our Leaders Hub.

We are also deploying the Mentoring module inside our community. Our program has always provided mentoring as part of its offering, but this will be the first time we have administered it online. It will involve inviting external mentors to the online community for the first time, so I look forward to seeing how that goes.”

Kiri Dicker, Community Manager, Women Leading and Influencing


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