Non-profit organizations rely heavily on their communities to support and drive their mission forward. With the rapid acceleration of digital technologies changing how people are living their lives and spending their time, including leading to shorter attention spans, it is more important than ever for non-profits to meet their supporters where they are with a digital and mobile-first mindset.

For this reason, many non-profits are harnessing the power of online communities to help strengthen their brand, increase engagement and participation, and grow the lifetime value of their supporters.

Community makes your supporters feel more connected to your mission

While your website, email newsletters, and social media are effective in keeping your community members informed, a digital community helps amplify your efforts and fosters a deeper sense of belonging, trust, and loyalty to your mission.

By providing a centralized hub, you enable your supporters to easily connect and collaborate with each other and your organization, join shared interest groups, access resources, apply for opportunities, and participate in active discussions.

Community drives long-term financial stability and sustainable growth

A robust community platform empowers ambassadors of your mission to choose their own engagement path and gain greater visibility into the direct impact of their contributions. This level of choice promotes a feeling of ownership that will inspire increased participation and action, and ultimately translate into higher lifetime values.

Through the power of community, a volunteer may grow into an advocate or monthly donor. An event participant may return as a fundraiser or team captain. A major donor may elect to leave their legacy to your organization with a large bequest. A corporate partner may become a platinum sponsor. Overall, an online community can bolster your brand, expand your reach, and drive revenue growth.

Community helps you make more informed spending decisions

Non-profits are constantly challenged to do more with less and your donors continually expect a larger percentage of their contributions to be spent on your mission. Analyzing engagement within your digital community can be an absolute game-changer. With data analytics tools, you can easily identify areas of high activity and monitor overall engagement trends so you can better understand and demonstrate alignment with the behaviors and passions of your users.

Communities also allow you to gather important qualitative data by allowing your members to share ideas and suggestions and provide feedback. These valuable insights can help you make smarter spending decisions and confidently allocate resources towards initiatives that drive the most impact for your mission.  

The value of a robust and dynamic digital community platform can be quantified in many ways. Your non-profit will discover new ways to build deeper connections, inspire greater participation, and accelerate progression towards your strategic priorities and goals. Together, with your supporters, you will propel your mission to new heights and better deliver on your vision.

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Written by Hivebrite
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