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Brite Ideas Podcast: What Volunteers Want

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For this episode, we welcomed Amber Cooper Jorez and Joan Steiger, Chapter Leaders for the University of Paris, to share their insights on what volunteers want.

Brite Ideas Podcast: What Volunteers Want

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During this episode, Amber, Joan, and host, Sandra Rincón, discuss:

  • The importance of volunteering
  • What motivates alumni to become volunteers
  • How institutions can make volunteers feel valued
  • How to cultivate great experiences for volunteers
  • And more

Brite Ideas on How to Cultivate Great Experiences for Volunteers

We asked Amber and Joan to share three Brite Ideas each to sum up the conversion. Here are their Brite Ideas on how to cultivate great experiences for volunteers!

Joan’s Brite Ideas

1. Communication is Critical

Let alumni know the different ways they can volunteer their time and talent. Be sure to also make the time commitment for each volunteer opportunity clear.

2. Listen to Your Volunteers

Volunteers have such a unique perspective on the inner workings of an organization; they are sometimes even able to spot things that organizers don’t see! Leverage your volunteer input to help guide the direction of your programs and your priorities.

3. Show Your Volunteers Appreciation

Remember, a thank you goes such a long way to help volunteers feel appreciated for their contributions and efforts.

Amber’s Brite Ideas

1. Connect to Your Volunteers’ Identities and Journeys 

Ensure your mission aligns with your volunteers’ identities and journeys. Reemphasize the thing that bonds your alumni to the university.

2. Build on the Strengths of Your Volunteer Program

Reassess your program and innovate areas that are not strong. Consider removing weaker aspects of your program to concentrate on your strengths and giving alumni the most value.

3. The Power of Relationships

Building relationships with alumni is key to volunteering success. If you cultivate meaningful, long term relationships with your volunteers based on trust, they will be your champions.

Listen to the podcast to hear more about these brite ideas and other topics discussed!

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