NEW YORK and PARIS, December 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- InnoEnergy, the number one innovation engine in sustainable energy, partners with Hivebrite, a leading community engagement platform, to build a vibrant community around its annual contest.

Established in 2010, InnoEnergy strives to build sustainable, commercially viable, and highly competitive energy solutions.

Driving green energy innovation

The Battle of Green Talent is a virtual entrepreneurship competition organized by InnoEnergy.

The annual initiative offers a unique experience where entrepreneurs pitch green ideas, form student teams to create detailed business plans, and compete for investor attention. Investors also vie to build the most impressive investment portfolio.

Spotting an opportunity to drive even more value for competitors, InnoEnergy teamed up with Hivebrite to create an online community to enhance participant involvement and facilitate meaningful connections. 

Enhancing connections and collaborations

With Hivebrite, InnoEnergy offers an exclusive branded space for its participants to connect. 

Members can create profiles detailing demographics, expertise, and interests. 

Participants can search the interactive directory to get a glimpse of the competition and connect with people of interest before, during, and after the contest.

Team members can collectively collaborate on their business plan in the project section of the community. Investors can view plans, share advice, and ask questions before the team finalizes their strategy.

Increasing impact and reach of future competitions

The individuals behind the community guide teams through the process using Hivebrite's survey tool to deploy a checklist to ensure that teams complete all critical steps. The survey tool is also used to keep a pulse on members' community experience and identify improvement opportunities.

“With Hivebrite's platform, we can build on and leverage our community every year to increase the impact and reach of future competition editions.”

Paola Ruttkowski, Program Manager Battle of Green Talent, InnoEnergy

In 2018, EIT InnoEnergy was the first Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) under the European Institute of Innovation and Technology to partner with Hivebrite. This new community represents a deeper partnership between EIT InnoEnergy and Hivebrite, along with five other EIT partnerships that have been established over the past six years, including EIT Health, EIT Food, EIT RawMaterials, EIT Climate, and EIT Urban Mobility.

We are excited to partner with this incredible community, driving innovation and sustainability in the energy space. 

With Hivebrite's platform, InnoEnergy will be able to provide more value to its participants while leveraging their passion, expertise, and experience to help build a greener energy future.”

Gonzalo Cayo, Chief Customer Officer, Hivebrite

Written by Hivebrite
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