As your community grows and evolves, it's crucial to have the tools to understand your audience, measure engagement, and make informed decisions that drive success.


We are excited to announce the latest innovation in Community Analytics, designed to provide community managers with in-depth insights into their community activity. These updates to our current analytics module empower you to track key metrics, identify trends, and derive actionable insights that will help you optimize your community strategy and drive sustainable growth.

Community Analytics Product Screen

Intelligent Analytics for strategic decision-making

Community Analytics builds upon our existing analytics capabilities, offering a comprehensive suite of dashboards and reports that provide a holistic view of your community's performance. These dashboards measure meaningful metrics like user engagement, content interactions, and monetization performance, allowing you to track KPIs, assess community health, and comprehend user interactions. By distilling valuable insights into actions and outcomes, Community Analytics facilitates informed decision-making, enhanced engagement, and impact.

Track KPIs for proven ROI

Monitor your sub-communities by viewing your metrics at the group-level. Assess community health and understand user interactions more effectively. Gain valuable insights into actions and outcomes. Make informed decisions regarding your community strategy, resulting in enhanced engagement and impact.

Align community insights with business outcomes

Bridge the gap between community insights and business success by sharing critical findings from user-friendly dashboards with leadership. This seamless integration enhances data-driven decision-making, maximizing overall business outcomes and reinforcing the significance of your community within organizational objectives.

Harnessing the Power of Community Analytics

With the latest updates in Community Analytics, you can:

    • Monitor trends and identify areas for improvement: Track key metrics over time to identify patterns and trends. Use these insights to optimize your community strategy and drive engagement.
    • Measure the effectiveness of your content: Analyze content engagement metrics to understand what content resonates most with your audience. Use these insights to inform and evolve your content strategy resulting in greater engagement and impact.
  • Dive deep into detailed data points: Drill down into the details of each metric displayed by parameters like time of day with user-friendly visualizations.
  • Apply multi-dimensional filters on dashboards: Employ multifaceted filters on dashboards to gain targeted insights based on parameters such as time periods, user groups, clusters, and geographical locations.
  • Export data seamlessly: Facilitate seamless data export in various formats, including PDF, image, or CSV, with automated delivery options via email for enhanced accessibility and convenience. 
  • Track the revenue generated by your community: Monitor monetization metrics for better visibility into revenue streams or fundraising activities. Use these insights to justify investment in community-building initiatives.

Benefits of Community Analytics

A thriving community needs intelligent analytics to enable data-driven decisions that drive sustainable growth. Basic measurement KPIs are table stakes for community managers. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from Hivebrite’s latest innovation. 

  • Improved decision-making: Make data-driven decisions that are backed by insights from your community data.
  • Increased engagement: Identify and address areas for improvement to increase user engagement and foster a thriving community.
  • Enhanced ROI: Demonstrate the value of your community to stakeholders by tying metrics to business outcomes.
  • Streamlined reporting: Easily generate reports and dashboards to share with stakeholders and track progress over time.

Unlock the power of data-driven community management

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your community management strategy. Start using Community Analytics today and unlock the power of data-driven insights.

To learn more about how Community Analytics can enhance your community strategy, schedule a free demo. Current customers can reach out to their dedicated customer success manager today to learn more.

Written by Allie Bhutani
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