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Introducing Mass Update Campaigns

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A simple way to obtain profile information updates

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Keeping your members' information up-to-date has always been a difficult task and things are getting worse as people move abroad and switch jobs or industries more and more. However accurate records are essential to maintain contact with your members and send them relevant information that they will find useful.

A lot of institutions try to run phone campaigns to ask their members to update their profile information which is usually both an inefficient and costly process.

With Hivebrite's Update Campaign feature, running an information update campaign with your members has never been so easy and effective:

  1. Decide the fields you would like your members to check and update if necessary
  2. Write the email your members will receive with a live preview and make it personal by including their name
  3. Precisely target who will receive the campaign (for example those who did not update their profile in a few months or those for which the field is empty)

Your targeted members will receive an email with the information on record for them so they can immediately check if it's correct. If they decide to update their profile, they will immediately be taken to an online form with only the fields you selected and no need for them to login.

We have developed this feature with our clients and they love it. It saves them huge amounts of time and energy for unprecedented results both in terms of speed and percentage return.

Hivebrite is a leading provider of branded community management platforms and helps all size institutions grow and engage their community - Feel free to request a demo if you would like to know more.


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